TREE is a mini-feature film by Drop Shadow Productions Productions, from Director Michael R Steinbeck.

After a recent tragedy, Tom Brueggeman and his family move to the old farm where they discover a large tree that gives them cryptic visions of their future. While his wife Ellie, and daughter Katie seem to welcome the mysterious phenomenon, Tom struggles with what appears to be a vision of his own demise.
After her young marriage falls apart, Natalie, a passive twentysomething woman living in New York City, follows the pull of mass media in search of a new life in Chicago. Throughout her journey she encounters many people.
Jeff appears in a pivotal supporting role in this film, as the husband of one of Natalie's new best friends. This independent dramatic feature was shot in Chicago and features many talented Chicago actors. MISS OHIO won the Grand Jury Award with its official premiere at the DANCES WITH FILMS film festival in West Hollywood, CA in 2009. Since then it has also screened at The Denver Starz Film Festival and at the Lake County Film Festival.
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